What To Expect From The Lucid 10” Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses are always a great option when looking into that perfect mattress for your bed in your home. They are especially good news for those with respiratory issues triggered by allergies. The make-up of a memory foam mattress makes it hypoallergenic. Similar to latex foam mattresses, visco-elastic memory foam adjust to the contours of your body, though they are a bit firmer.

The 10 inches of this memory foam mattress is ideal for all the support it brings. It is made up of the 7 inches of foam base and is topped with additional 3 inch thick memory foam. This mattress construction makes for a very comfortable experience. Your contours are met by the top layer as soon as you lie on it and this is particularly ideal for those who experience pressure in their hip and shoulders while sleeping. The memory foam mattress will support these areas. For those who are bedridden or suffer from chronic back pain or join pain, they should consider the Lucid 10” Memory foam mattress.

Memory Foam Vs Hybrid Mattresses

There are memory foam mattresses, and then there are hybrid mattresses. While hybrid mattresses contain a certain degree of memory foam, it additionally has other materials like latex and innersprings. In contrast, the former type only has memory foam and support foam.

One of the common complaints associated with the memory foam mattress, though, is the strong odor it releases once unsealed. Sadly, it is unavoidable at present but luckily this is something that subsides over time. This I accelerated by ventilation. So it is good to have open windows during the initial stages of using this mattress as the gas it gives off may ruin the experience.

The Lucid 10” Memory foam Mattress is, like any foam mattress, firm and comfortable. Some may want to try before they buy this type of mattress as people tend to confuse them with memory foam mattresses. They offer similar support and comfort but memory foam mattresses are of a lower resilience and react to your body in different ways, namely, temperature and pressure.

The Lucid 10” Memory foam Mattress can rid you of your aches, pains and sores. It provides more support that memory foam mattresses do and because they tend to be confused, you should be certain which one you want before you make a purchase. They are, like memory foam, vacuum sealed for shipping and ease of delivery. Installation is a simple process of placing the memory foam mattress where you intend to use it, unseal it and wait for it to get to its full size. The Lucid 10” Memory foam Mattress is in compliance with all safety standards. It is fairly fire resistant and has a 25 year manufacturer’s warranty.