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Benefits Of An Electronic Voting Software System

As a student governing body, you should consider using electronic voting system instead of ballot papers to conduct your student government elections. There are various benefits of electronic voting. These are as discussed below.

First and foremost, electronic voting offers credibility and ensures safety of votes. As we all know, parties involved in elections usually have vested interests and some may want to rig so as to have an outcome that favors them. They may therefore engage in actions such as tampering with ballot papers, having premarked ballot papers and deregistration of some voters among other things. Electronic voting helps to protect against such malpractices.

Secondly, electronic voting helps in increasing voter turnout. Many elections are usually affected by low voter turnout due to various factors such as voters being far away from the polling station or voters having other engagements which may not allow them to vote. An electronic voting system helps to ensure that voters are not barred from voting because of their location or commitment. With an electronic voting system, one can easily vote wherever they are using an app on their iOS or Android or any other device.

Thirdly, an electronic voting system makes it easier for voters with disabilities to cast their votes. Voters with disabilities usually require assistance in casting their votes, they may require to be wheeled into the polling station or to have someone someone mark the ballot paper on their behalf. An electronic voting system will however ensure that disabled persons get to vote from the comfort of their homes. In addition, disabled persons who may not be able to use their hands will have the option of voting using voice commands.

Fourthly, electronic voting helps in saving time. Vote tallying can be quite involving. You will need to record votes as they come in from the various polling stations and this can be time consuming. You will also have to wait till all the votes are counted and sent to the tallying center, this usually delays the announcement of election results. Electronic voting is useful in saving time. The entire process is automated and courtesy of this, the election results can even be announced within hours as opposed to days.

Lastly, electronic voting helps in ensuring accuracy of results. The tallying process in an electronic voting system is computerized and not prone to error like in the case of manual counting of ballot papers. Ballot papers may be miscounted and in addition to this, mistakes may occur in the tallying process. Electronic voting helps to prevent such mistakes and ensure accuracy in poll results.

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