Lasting Memories And Wedding Day Keepsakes


Besides your birthday, or the day you become the President of a nation, your wedding day is probably the most important day in your life. And with such pomp and flare, you are definitely going to want something to keep; a keepsake to help refresh your memory of this glorious day down as the years go by. As explained by the web site of wedding photographers in Kent Lovepear, we know that different people have hold different things to sentimental value. Some people may want to keep a piece of their wedding cake as a keepsakes, others will want a copy of their wedding invitations and some, most people, will want wonderful photographs to remember the day by. No matter your preference, you need a worthy keepsakes that will invoke lasting memories of your big day.

This is mostly where Kent wedding photography comes in. We realize that your wedding photographers are some of the most precious keepsakes you could ever have. Coupled with your wedding video, your wedding portraits will keep the memories of that wonderful day alive for as long as you have them filed neatly away somewhere. By hiring a qualified and highly professional portrait and wedding photographer for your Kent wedding, you are essentially creating and immortalizing these beautiful memories in gorgeous portraits that can be reprinted as you see fit.

But it is not all about wedding portraits, although those form the biggest part of your lasting memories, there are other items that can act as keepsakes for your big day.

A piece of your cake

It is often tradition that the bride preserves a piece of her wedding cake so as to celebrate the day all over again on their first anniversary together. Although this may not last you a lifetime, having a photo taken of it on the day you preserve it and also on the day you take it out on your first anniversary will.

A copy of your wedding invitations

This is one of the most popular keepsakes in the world. They are a beautiful reminder of the day you wanted to share with your friends and family and of the way you informed them that they had the honour of celebrating one of your happiest days by your side.

The wedding dress

Unless it was a rental, you definitely want to keep your wedding dress. Maybe even hand it down to your daughter some day.

What you choose as your keepsake all depends on your preferences as a person. One things is for sure though, you want to keep those beautiful wedding portraits around for good.